We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us (Nehemiah 5)


8:45AM Sunday discipleship group & 10am sunday Worship Service

Jul. 25, 2021


Nehemiah the godly leader is now faced with internal strife. And this was a big deal. The people and their wives took issue with their Jewish brethren. It’s Jew versus Jew. It was a great outcry. Well what’s the cause for the big disturbance? 

There’s a famine. The fields aren’t producing like they usually would. Add to this that the king is still taxing their land.  So some of the poorer Jews are borrowing money from richer Jews to get grain and to pay this tax. 

Nehemiah was very angry about this situation - so angry that after prayer and though he stopped all rebuilding of the wall. What were the richer Jews doing that made him so angry? What actions did Nehemiah take? And what practical lessons  can we learn about individual sin, how it impacts the church body, and most of all, how to address it? We'll answer those questions in today's message.